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TortoiseSVN 1.9.2

TortoiseSVN Review:

 The subversion users might be bored with mundane and rigorous typing of lengthy commands for accessing and manipulating stuff on your directory. There must be ways to minimize the work that can be put to use in important areas like developing the code. 


 - In TortoiseSVN, the interface has been made easier and cleaner by showing a list of commands only relevant to a certain folder. Otherwise, all the commands from the Windows Explorer have been added to the interface. This is just an extension of the shell. It allows viewing file status, dragging and dropping files etc.
 - There are a number of protocols that are now supported via this interface, that is, http, https, svn, svn+ssh, file and svn+xxx for other similar categories.
 - Graph theoretical approaches improve the visibility and interpretation of actions by viewing graphs of all revisions and commits, commit statistics and comparison based on the branched projections.

 Helpful Tools

 - TortoiseMerge is a helpful tool or utility that helps you to merge patches ROM other users without permissions to make changes to your directory. It also shows you  changes and helps resolve conflicts.
 - The second tool is called TortoiseBlame that shows the blame of files including the log of each and every line of that particular file. These are required for detailed understanding of the background processes.
 - The third tools included in this free package is TortoiseIDiff which shows you the changes made to your image files and there is also another utility that helps you add date and time to your revisions to source files.


 The interface in TortoiseSVN is completely build on Windows Shell and is based on Apache Subversion.  It is developed under the GPL license that makes it free to use and redistribute. The latest version is linked to Subversion 1.9.0 and their versions are also named similarly. TortoiseSVN 1.9.2 is available in two categories for a 32 and 64 bit architecture. The package amounts to 20.1 MB in size for the 64 bit and equally lesser for the 32-bit version.

 TortoiseSVN is an independently built user interface that reorganizes and facilitates working through and managing your directory, source files, revisions, patching and much more without typing heavy duty lines. This is where it helps you to save time and devote it to actually meaningful work rather than typing commands. This is for pro-subversion users and is sure to be helpful once you get acquainted with it.

TortoiseSVN screenshotTortoiseSVN screenshotTortoiseSVN screenshotTortoiseSVN screenshotTortoiseSVN screenshotTortoiseSVN screenshot

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